Judy Murray is a dynamic speaker and shares her story to help advocate for change. She has a powerful message for everyone involved in the mental health world.

Judy Murray is first and foremost a mother who loved her son, a mother who continues to love and honor him now that he is no longer a part of the world. Dignity and Advocacy Network—DAN—is her extraordinary, positive, and constructive response to deep and continuing grief. DAN offers a path of light, hope, and perhaps most importantly, connection, for those of us who can be too feeling, too caring, too unlike everyone else. Judy is kind, empathic, and has a deep understanding of matters of the spirit. She has become a relentless researcher and passionate advocate. Through teaching and advocacy, and the organization she is building in memory of her son, Judy Murray offers another exceedingly important voice to urge us to consider the world we are building around ourselves and the legacy we are preparing to leave for our children.