DAN's Blog

24nd AUG

I have gained so much knowledge since the death of my son Dan and continue to learn more every day. I believe that he is teaching and guiding me from the other side and I would like to share this information with you. I conduct presentations for mental health facilities, mental health workers, schools, and parents. I speak about my families struggle with the traditional mental health system and how we can do better with a different approach from the "medical model". I speak about the Hearing Voice Network (an international network of support groups that originated and has been global for almost 30 years. DMHAS has recruited trainers to Connecticut a little over a year ago). You can find more information about the Hearing Voice Network if you go to "finding help" on my website. I speak about how we can become engaged with a better understanding of what may be happening to others in mental pain, not what is wrong with them. These presentations have been received with excitement, relief and an understanding that we actually can do better if we change our approach with our patients, our clients, our students and our loved ones.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to come speak in your town.

22nd AUG

We have been very busy lately planning some upcoming fund-raisers. These events allow us the opportunity to reach out to those in mental pain and to facilities and loved ones caring for them. These efforts are the vision of D.A.N. for a better tomorrow. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all your support in the past encouraging us to continue in our efforts to see a brighter future. Please check the calender for these events. Some which are not listed yet. Save the dates!:

October 4th AFSP Walk Team D.A.N. 2623 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT....Go to www.outofthedarkness.org..click on find an event...click on CT

November 14th Buffet Dinner at Orange Ale House and Grill 517 Boston Post Road Orange, Ct....

2016 (date to be determined) AMF Bowling 525 Main St East Haven (this was so much fun many have requested it be an annual winter event)

June 24, 2016.....Orange Hills Country Club Golf Tournament. This is our first golf event and should be a lot of fun! We will hand pick senior high school students majoring in Mental Health related fields to receive D.A.N. Scholarships based on essays written by them.

More information to follow!

4th MAR

We held our second fundraiser for D.A.N. on Sunday March 1st at Circle Lane Bowling Alley in East Haven. Although the weather conditions were not very favorable the turnout was amazing! It was overwhelming to see everyone coming out in a snowstorm to show their support for such a critical cause. We had local businesses sponsor all 50 lanes so 100% of the money that was raised from the tickets sold went directly to D.A.N.!! This will go toward Mental Health Awareness by promoting D.A.N., education, advocacy and research. The bowling was such a success and so much fun that we have had requests for a replay so we decided this will be an annual event!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all your support....Dan's energy is shining down on all of us in joy!

UPDATE: Check out all our bowling pictures at Bowling Photos!

25th FEB

Finally loving, compassionate care! Visit www.hearingvoicesusa.org. This is a movement of support groups that began in the UK 26 years ago and is now surfacing in the US! People hearing voices, see visions or have other unusual perceptions are now able to find support in these groups and learn how to listen to these voices and live a healthy mental life without medications, stigma and lack of care!

11th FEB

On March 1st, 2015, we will be hosting Bowl with D.A.N. at the AMF Circle Lanes in East Haven, CT. We encourage everyone to come for a day of fun, with bowling, food, and fundraising. All proceeds go towards our fight for mental health reform and every dollar helps! Bowling will be from 2-4PM, and 20$/adult for shoes and lane, 10$/child.

28th OCT

Thursday evening was our first Forum on Mental Health Awarenss/Reform and Suicide Prevention. It went really well with a lot of questions being answered at the end. The panelists were awesome and so informative. Before my eyes I witnessed such compassion and love. If you are not comfortable attending because of the stigma and embarrassment, think again because that is the very reason we are there. Nobody should be ashamed of needing someone to talk to and guide them. Follow the calender and Twitter for our next event. We won't stop speaking until they start listening!

10th SEPT

An Open Public Forum presented by D.A.N. (Dont't Accept No) on Mental Health Awareness/issues and Suicide Prevention will be held at the East Haven High School Auditorium

Date: Thursday October 23, 2014
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 PM

The panel:

Dr. Theodore Zanker
Andrea Duarte from DMHAS (Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services/Suicide Prevention)
Victoria Veltri: from OHA (Office of Healthcare Advocate)
Valerie Keating, PsyD

Remember: "keep your coins-WE want change"......... Support D.A.N.!!!!

22 AUG

Our first fundraiser for D.A.N. was held on July 11th and was a huge success! I want to thank everyone for their donations and contributions toward mental health awareness. The outpouring of love and support has been heart warming. These donations will go toward lobbying for changes in the mental healthcare system and events such as workshops and seminars to promote holistic health and well being......

ON July 31 we had a "give back" night at Chilis in East Haven. Another success! Thank you to all that attended and enjoyed a nice dinner while 10% of the sales went to D.A.N.!!!

Future events will be posted on Facebook so stay tuned and stay involved. Please do not lose sight of the critical flaws within our system. This is not something that will happen overnight but with all your support it will happen!! Changes will be made and life will be better for everyone without the stigma/discrimination but with love and compassion....