“Making Real Change Happen” International Congress

I recently returned from an amazing International Conference in Liverpool England. The flow of such positive energy from those around the world coming together; psychiatrist, therapists, psychologist, families and those with lived experience working toward real change within the system is so powerful. Systemic changes take time and this happens from the outside in… through communities fighting to bring forth positive, humanistic approaches for those struggling with mental health issues. Since Dan’s exit from this physical reality, I have come to realize the truth. They are not ill but are reacting to their environment differently than you or I may. These reactions can manifest in behaviors we don’t understand. “Different perspectives and experiences is what “normal” should be. “Normal” should not be contained within a little box. We have to break out of that box and accept everyone for their own personal views, behaviors and beliefs. It is alright if we don’t understand them, but just accept that we are all different, that our perspective and reality of things is not the only one. Then and only then, can a true connection with another individual transpire……Blessings

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