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Mad in America - D.A.N Article

I Want Change...My son Dan ended his life in 2014, two weeks after a 10-day stay in the psychiatric unit of the hospital, because nobody was listening. As a child Dan was a happy, loving, energetic little boy. I have a memory from when he was only 5 years old that shows his character. We were standing at the elevator and the doors opened...

Dignity and Advocacy - D.A.N

Thanks Producer PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film for capturing the crucial and sensitive story of Dan's life and D.A.N.'S mission. Click to view the short documentary...Please like and share on facebook below!! You never know who this will reach and how it can change their life

Mission to Improve the Mental Health System

Daniel Kelson was very creative and wrote lyrics about the torment and pain he was in over world crisis. He wrote about about the violence, hatred, and disconnection of humanity. His only solace was surrounding himself with nature. Losing any hope for change, Dan tragically ended his life on May 25th, 2014 at the age of 23. Ryan Jones has since taken Dan's lyrics creating music that we hope will touch your soul. Many struggle with mental pain trying to be heard.